LHM - Strictly Tech XL - Dj Morillo

Bit Rate: 128 kbps
Channels Joint stereo
Frequency 44100 Hz

Strictly Tech XL

1-Kontrast - Muzzaik
2-Backroom Home - Saeed Younan
3-Me Faz Amar - Tiko's Groove
4-Kamavtu - Tommyboy
5-Noir - Giancomo Tosi
6-Take Controll - Ralvero - Benny
7-That Feeling,The Groove Foundation
8-The Joker - Dj Monxa
9-Gimme Drugs - Christian Falero
10-Much Better - Mario Ochoa
11-Funk Phenomena,Armand van Helden
12-Song Of The Day - Steve Aguirre
13-Special - Sir James
14-Goodmorning Baby - Max Bet
15-Hot Shit - Blacktron
16-L.O.I - Horny United
17-Labarinda - Stef Da Campo
18-La Candela - Steve Angello
19-Trip Milton Channels
20-Fame Of Hall - Zoutman
21-I Can Try - Alejo Loaiza
22-Molly - Mark Mendes
23-Love For You - Jeff Kareign

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